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We manufacture SIMPLE LEVELER and UroFlow ROJO!

Simple Leveler device (camper leveling system, motorhome leveling system, trailer leveling system, RV leveling system) is one of our key products.
We are also the manufacturer of the award-winning UroFlow ROJO device (uroflowmetry kit, urine flow measuring device / uroflowmetry system, uroflowmetry test, uroflowmetry device).

Welcome to our homepage!
We offer you selected products that meet even the most unusual wishes of our users. Since 1984, we have been researching specific wishes and problems, which often lead to innovation and the development of interesting and useful technical solutions. Some of these solutions are useful for a wider audience and we are proud to present them to you on these pages!
We also offer individual components to stimulate curiosity and the development of your mental abilities. If you do not find a certain product or solution of an interesting problem, but would like to have the solution, write to us and we will try to help you!

Wake the curiosity in you or your child!

… browse our pages, choose a product and make your life easier.

Innovation, research and development since 1984!

With respect,
Vesna Arcet Rodič