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SIMPLE LEVELER troubleshooting

SIMPLE LEVELER Troubleshooting

If you bought SIMPLE LEVELER over-the-counter, click the LEFT button.
If you bought the device together with a motorhome, trailer or. it was factory installed click the RIGHT button.















  1. Check that no other device is connected to the appliance. SIMPLE LEVELER allows only one Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection at a time.
  2. Insert full or new battery and make sure the device is switched on.
  3. Make sure you are not too far away from the appliance (>10 meters or >30 feet).
  4. Make sure the app has turned on bluetooth. On newer versions of Android, bluetooth also requires a location to work. Check if location is turned on. You need a “fine course” mode on Android, which is disabled by turning on “Battery Saver” and thus bluetooth. Turn off battery saving.
  5. Bluetooth Low Energy oz. BLE operates over radio waves. This can lead to interference. To eliminate interference, turn off other Bluetooth devices in the area. The signal weakens with distance. It is also greatly weakened by e.g. wall made of metal material. Check the distance from the appliance.
  6. If the above did not help, we advise you to uninstall the application from your mobile device. Reset the mobile device. Reinstall the application. Give the app all the credentials it requires from you.
  7. If all of the above doesn’t help, contact us at
  1. If you forget to turn off the SIMPLE LEVELER after use, it might go into sleep mode after prolonged non-use. You will not be able to connect to the device in this mode.
  2. Turn the SIMPLE LEVELER off and on again.
  3. Replace the battery.
  1. SIMPLE LEVELER can only be connected to one device at a time. To connect to another mobile device, disconnect from the first one by closing the application. The other application establishes the connection itself if it is not already bonded.
  1. The SIMPLE LEVELER must be mounted on a hard surface. Installation on foam or over foam, on curtains, carpet, cloth and the like is not appropriate. Check the base.
  2. Check the condition of the battery. Replace if necessary.
  3. The problem may also be in the calibration. Recalibrate the SIMPLE LEVELER.
  4. If the above does not solve the problem, contact us at
















Please contact customer support, where we will advise and help you with the installation itself as well as in solving any problems when using: