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SIMPLE LEVELER – Wireless Camper Leveling System

Trailer leveler Camper leveler RV Simple Leveler

SIMPLE LEVELER - Wireless Camper Leveling System

SIMPLE LEVELER is a wireless camper leveling system that tells you exactly how much the vehicle needs to be layed under or where the vehicle needs to be parked to be horizontal. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, where an easy-to-use app displays all the information you need.

SIMPLE LEVELER is designed for rolling stock, towing vehicles… You can use it while searching for a parking location. This way you will find the most suitable location to start with. The device saves you both time and all the stress during parking.

SIMPLE LEVELER is recommended for use in any motorhome (RV), campers, containers, caravans of all kinds… Eg. caravans, animal transport trailers, medical vehicles, food trucks…
Simplify the layout or vehicle adjustment, save time, reduce stress and increase safety with SIMPLE LEVELER.


Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler
Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler


  • ON / OFF switch allows full control over battery life (battery-powered version), adjustable automatic power saving
  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • Drastically reduces vehicle setup time
  • Both for 3-, 4-, 6-wheel and wheelless vehicles / trailers / containers
  • Useful during the arrival to the location
  • Calculation accuracy at 0.01 degrees
  • Made in a micro company that responds quickly to user questions and wishes
  • Fast and automatic connection between the application and the SIMPLE LEVELER device
  • Minimal configuration
  • Easy and intuitive 2D and 3D data display
  • Possibility to update the program on SIMPLE LEVELER – easy to add additional functionality and easy to update
  • Possibility to choose several user languages, such as e.g. Slovenian, English, German, Spanish, French…

Start SIMPLE LEVELER as soon as you arrive at the desired location. The app will show you detailed information about how horizontally the selected place is. If the selected location would require too many padding blocks to level or your jacks would not reach the ground, simply continue and try again in another location.

The SIMPLE LEVELER app comes in handy at every turn! Even when you are abroad! In the program itself, you also have a link to wikipedia, where you can see the speed limits by country. You also have a handy checklist for preparing the vehicle for winter, preparing for a winter trip, preparing for a summer trip… Customers are most pleased with the presence of a compass and calculating the time of sunrise and sunset, which helps to choose the ideal location – easier to assess the midday sun! There are still many possibilities for extensions! Ideas and tips are definitely welcome!

Simple Leveler - Camper Leveler Trailer Leveler RV leveling

SIMPLE LEVELER is designed for accuracy and ease of use. We used high-quality hardware: a fast dual-core 32-bit ARM processor and a 3-axis digital accelerometer. The app on your mobile phone or tablet will connect itself via Bluetooth to SIMPLE LEVELER and with one touch you will already be able to access the data displayed in an easy and intuitive way.
SIMPLE LEVELER and the application on the mobile device connect automatically, so you don’t have to pair the devices manually!

Minimal configuration is a big advantage of SIMPLE LEVELER. All you need for a motorhome is to measure the distance between the front and rear axles, and the distance between the left and right wheels. In the case of three-axle vehicles, the wheelbase on the rear axle and the distance from this axle to the front wheel. You enter the value once and the application will remember it.
SIMPLE LEVELER allows you to update the processor software. Updates make it easy to add new functionality and improvements. The update takes place via the application itself on the mobile device. At your request, the application checks for updates, downloads them via WIFI or mobile data to a mobile device, and from here via Bluetooth to SIMPLE LEVELER. The data is encrypted for each device separately.

If you are looking for frequently asked questions and answers, read here – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

If you have problems, see the TROUBLESHOOTING PAGE.

Instructions for use are here.

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